Cryptic Posting or Overreaction?

By: Gary Helton

As many could see from the Vols game last Saturday against the Kentucky Wildcats, the Vols QB play is abysmal. This has led to much fan outrage and the demand that QB Jarret Guarantano never see the field again. However it may not be just the fans who want to see a new signal caller.

Earlier in the week, Vols stud linebacker Henry To’o To’o posted what seemed like a cryptic photo of Freshman QB Harrison Bailey, which may be him voicing his support for Bailey which happens to be the fan favourite to take the spot. Bailey came in as perhaps the most looked forward recruit in Tennessee’s past class, being one of the best QBs in the nation in high school and obtaining a 5 star ranking per rivals.

This could however be nothing, the photo flooded social media there after. To’o To’o soon took it down and added another photo with almost the same caption as Bailey’s. However this photo had sophomore QB Brian Maurer who started a few games last year and essentially jump started the Vols offense on their winning streak. This could be him voicing his support for either of the two, or just him posting his teammates photos on his story.

The ultimate decision is up for you to decide, but one things for sure, at change at QB in Knoxville seems to be a consensus feeling.

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