Could Kentucky Be Landing a Big Time Recruit?

Photo by: Rivals

Most Kentucky fans are probably familiar with the name Skyy Clark by now. But if you aren't, its probably a name you should get use to.

Clark is a Point Guard in the class of 2022 who Kentucky has been interested in for quite a while. Kentucky also officially offered Skyy just a few weeks ago.

Clark is ranked as the 13th best player in the class of 2022 by Rivals. That being said Skyy has mentioned before the possibility of reclassification in the class of 2021. Clark even said himself to the sources say podcast "You all are hearing this first, but I’m planning on taking all of my junior and senior year classes this coming year just in case I do reclass up so I’ll be ready,”"

All of that being said, clark let out a few tweets this week updating us on his recruitment. He let us know that an announcement would be coming soon and he would be releasing his top 7 Friday.

Most consider Clark a Kentucky lead but we should get some clarification very soon.

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