Cats Win by Double Digits. Recap + Questions Going Forward After Mount St Mary game!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Cats win by double digits.

The cats finally win a game like they are suppose to! A 20 point victory and yes they can shoot the ball! Yes, Mount St Mary is not very good! Still, the cats played well and I’m not taking anything from them. So let’s get right into to breaking the gamedown.

The Cats started off with a bang and came out with three straight lobs! The energy was pumping in Rupp and so was the team. The Cats then started to struggle with guarding the perimeter and let MSM back in the game. Then Cats continued to go back and forth until late in the first half and went on a little run and went into the half up 5. Also, we saw two Sophomore Stars return from injury early in the fist half. (EJ Montgomery & Immanuel Quickley) Even if they didn’t get the chance to start tonight and played limited due to returning from injury they provided great sparks and played limited minuets. The cats also continued to struggle with getting beat off the dribble and making perimeter shots in the first half.

Then in the second half the Cats really turned it around and kind of showed the life they did in the Michigan State game. The Cats started the second half going back and fourth and then the Cats did something we hadn’t saw much this year. WE CAN HIT A THREE POINTER! (Well at least Quickley can) The Cats then quickly went on a run and before the second TV timeout they were up by 23! Then it began to be a little back and forth until the end of the game. The Cats finish out the game with a 20 point victory and a lot of positive signs.

My player of the game: I wanna say Richards because that was my prediction but I have to give it to Ashton Hagans!

16 points(5-8), 7 assist, 7 rebounds. 2 TO

Quick takeaways and questions:

Is this the team we have been waiting for all year and they just needed to get healthy or did they just have a good game?

How much life can Montgomery & Quickley provide? Wait I’ll answer that a ton. Quickley proved he can be our outside threat. Montgomery proved to me why we have missed him so much. Being able to stretch the floor and stay in better stamina with out big men.

Are Hagans and Richards basically Penny and Shaq?

When are we going to began to be the defensive team we know we can be for an entire game?

All in all, tonight was a fun game to watch and provided a good environment in Rupp. We also were finally heathy and played really well. Now, let’s beat Lamar Sunday and take this one game at a time!


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