Cats Find a Way to Win Despite Another Bad First Half. + Highlights

(UK Athletics)

The Cats win in Rupp against unranked Ole Miss. Despite the terrible first half offensively, the Cats only trailed by 2. Then they outscored the Rebel’s by 7 and pulled off the 5 point victory.

Today, Kentucky found a way to shoot to only shoot 2-22 from 3 (9.1%)and still found a way to win. So, it is pretty clear that there were positives and negatives from the game. Let’s break it down.

Quickley, finished the day 1-8 from 3 and 4-15 overall with 17 point. Even though that sounds terrible it really was a tale of two stories as he had 3 points and most of his missed shots in the first half. Nick Richards finished with 16 points and 7 rebound and was really important down the stretch. Then, after Richards and Quickley the other player that had a ”good“ day was Maxey and the rest of the guys struggled. I think we can all agree after those three it was a struggle and I think we should all agree to just forget about this game.

Most importantly, you got a win and now are on to the team are you are tied with for first in the conference (LSU). This next game is on the road and 9pm on a Tuesday. It’s a must win if you want a best case scenario and could be a real tell all for the Cats. Make sure to tune in 9pm Tuesday on ESPN.

(If are only trying to remember the good from this game. Here are the highlights)

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