Cats DESTROY The Cards! Quick Game Recap

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Written by: William James

Months of hate and trash talk ended today and it ended greatly for Kentucky. Coming into today Kentucky knew what they had to do. Louisville is a big play offense being one of the top teams in the country in plays over 4 yards. Kentucky not only limited the big plays but limited that Louisville air attack that gave so many teams issues. Let’s dive into it.        

The main reason Kentucky had 517 rush yards today (a new school record) is that their offensive line opened up holes and got to the next level. It shows with 3 different Cats having rushes of 60 plus yards. And once Bowden, Smoke, and Rodriguez got to the next level it was over. Kentucky just was too fast and overpowered Louisville at all phases today. Inside runs have worked well ever since the Arkansas game and the result is Kentucky breaking a team record for most rushing yards in a season. A record which has stood since 1974. Looking back on this year this has been one of the best coaching jobs in football. Most would write Kentucky off after losing Terry Wilson, let alone losing 2 QB’s. Eddie Gran and Mark stoops have adjusted and installed almost an entire new offense mid way through a season in the SEC. As much of that credit goes to Lyn Bowden, who has stepped up, learned the playbook, and has shown his athleticism to become this teams MVP.  Phenomenal.

        Now onto the defense. Aside from the 56 yard run to end the first half the defense was suffocating. They forced Louisville to go diagonal and not allow anything behind them. They filled the gaps perfectly. The secondary despite its youth, has improved each and every week. It won’t show in the stat sheet (although they did get an interception) they just man up and give very little separation. One thing however, has to be addressed. What in the world happened to Kash? He was the emotional soul of that defense last year. But now his level of play isn't up to par and neither is his emotional fire. It’s weird to be honest. A tale of two players.

        Overall, this was a huge win for the program. Team looked great, Momentum heading into a bowl game, and it should give us a in-state recruiting edge. Now we wait to see where we go and who we play. Go Cats.

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