Carmelo Is Back and People Couldn't be Happier

Written by:William James

Carmelo Anthony. A former NBA scoring champ. Over 20 points per game for a career average. American Olympic legend. Why was he not on a team for so long, and how has he revived his career? Let’s get into it.

        The vast decline started in Oklahoma City when the roster, and system changed on Melo. Splitting shots between Westbrook, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony was a struggle in itself. The system was heavily based on iso ball, with no real flow to the offense. The result was a career low in FG percentage at 40.4 percent, along with his second lowest PER for a full season in his career. PER measures how efficient a player is on the court. NBA average is 15. Carmelo was at 12.7. He was labeled as washed, and not the same Melo due to his horrible defensive effort.

        Next year he was off to Houston to play alongside James Harden, and Chris Paul for the Rockets. Many (including myself) thought this would be a system that would benefit Melo, due to head coach’s Mike D’antoni’s fast paced play style. More shots would mean more opportunities for Melo leading to better numbers. Well, not exactly. Carmelo’s points per game went down from 16.2 to 13.4. He also so a drop in field goal percentage, free throw percentage, assist per game, and rebounds per game. His field goal percentage went up 0.01 percent. These disappointing numbers led to him being cut after only 10 games.

        He was then, not signed for over one year, and was declined a tryout for the United States Olympic team.

        That would not stop Melo. He kept working, and kept taking interviews. He finally found himself a job when he was signed to a non guaranteed contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. To the pleasant surprise of many, Carmelo showed out. His field goal percentage, points per game, three point percentage, and free throw percentage all went up. Also what does not show in the stat sheet. The defensive energy is back. The hustle for rebounds and loose balls is back. Carmelo Anthony is back.                                                                 

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