Arkansas Strengths could give the Vols Problems


Written by: Dallas Bowlin

As the Vols look to get back on the winning track against the Razorbacks, we will take a dive into what Arkansas does well on each side of the ball, so here we go. One thing Arkansas does really well is capitalize on their opponents turnovers, they lead in points off turnovers against their opponents 34-14, so we should hope we do not get a repeat of that game against Kentucky for Tennessee, or Arkansas will make you pay on the scoreboard. Another thing Tennessee will have to do is try and keep Arkansas out of the red zone as they do not miss out on points. Arkansas scores on 89% (16-18) and they score touchdowns on 61% (11-18) of those trips. On the flip side? Their opponents score on 68% (15-22) of their trips in the red zone and they score touchdowns on 59% (13-22) of their trips to the redzone. So if either team makes it to the red zone you should expect points unless you turn it over to the Arkansas defense. I’m not telling you something you don't already know, but this game is big for Tennessee and Jeremy Pruitt. A win moves you one win closer back to .500 and a loss drives the fan base (and maybe roster) a little closer to jumping off the edge and giving up on this season.

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