Are the Vols Legit or Lucky?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Written by: Dylan Saylor

Edited by: Sam Stallard

Are the Vols Legit or Lucky?

Most of the national media outlets and college football fans made the Tennessee Vols out to be the laughing stock of the sports world. Rightfully so, after their loss to BYU & Georgia State (neither ranked) in the first two weeks of the 2019 season. Now the question is, “are the Vols turning into a legit contender or are they just plain out lucky?”

On one hand, you could say that the Vols have been lucky. This comes from the fact that the 5 victories that Tennessee has won (minus UAB) they’ve been slated as the underdog. This is an age old argument that has no ground. I look at luck like this: luck is always against the team that depends on it. UT had a rough schedule and a rough start. I don’t think this recent streak has much to do with luck.

I think the Vols have FINALLY hit their stride that everyone predicted in the offseason. You’re finally seeing the team that was predicted to have some senior leadership and bring UT to a 8-9 game win season. Eight wins is still on the table even after the two horrendous start-of-season losses I mentioned earlier! This should bring hope to Tennessee fans.

What can you except out of the Vols’ last two games? With UT finally showing off their stout defense and cashing in on their offensive strength, I predict UT hanging 40 points overall and pulling off two more wins against Missouri and Vandy.

All Vol fans should be excited for the next two games and support the team. And no matter what, VFL!

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