Arch Manning Impressive

Written by: Dallas Bowlin

On Thursday night (10/15/2020) the world (okay, maybe an exaggeration.) watched as Arch Manning and Newman took on Booker T. Washington live on ESPN2. Of course Arch is the Nephew of NFL and Tennessee great, Peyton Manning, and the son of Cooper Manning. Arch is 100% focused on his school and game. Unlike most kids his age he has no social media, he doesn’t do interviews and he and his family accept no scholarship offers at this time. Before Arch had even stepped foot on the field, the ESPN crew compared him to Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, a pretty big endorsement for a sophomore in High school. You saw Arch’s cannon of an arm on his very first pass as he slung one 30 something yards complete to a receiver. His 6-3 195 lb frame gives him the ability to see well over the defense, he has a very nice touch on those deep passes too as the ball kinda floated right into the receivers hands. As the half was coming to a close, Arch showed just how poised he can be under pressure. He dumped off a screen pass to his tight end while being faced with three defensive players coming right for him, impressive right? At the half his stats were 14/17 passing, 146 yards, and a touchdown while his team led 28-16.  We got a graphic comparing Arch to Peyton in their first years as starting QB. Peyton completed 60.9% of his passes for 2,142 yards, and 23 passing touchdowns while Arch posted a 65.5% In the second half the scoring picked up for Newman and the defense picked up for Booker T. Washington’s Keith Hampton. Ready for a crazy stat? Arch has thrown very few interceptions in his career (the number i believe is now 8 after last night) but that’s not the crazy part though. Out of those 8 or so interceptions a whopping 5 have been by Keith Hampton. He got two interceptions last night from Manning, including one in triple coverage that Manning was probably better off just throwing the ball away. The final score was Newman winning 55-22 while Arch threw for 241 yards and a touchdown while running for two more for a total of 3. Another Vol Target and teammate of Arch’s, four star WR AJ Johnson, had one TD off a 13 yard grab from Arch. After watching that game, it’s obvious he’s a natural, which should be no surprise. Hopefully he finds his way to Rocky Top, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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