Alabama Rivalry?

As many as you know the third Saturday of October is reserved for Tennessee and Alabama. I know most people over a certain age will argue till the cows come home that the crimson tide is the number 1 rival for Tennessee but I disagree. So today we're going to take a quick dive into the question are Tennessee and Alabama truly rivals.

The third Saturday of October started in 1906 and Alabama won a whooping 51-0. Alabama leads the all around series 56-37-8 and Tennessee's last victory was in 2006. Now stats are boring but facts are facts because the Vols have been dominated. Now, I'm a bit of young guy and I honestly dread the Alabama game every year because it's never really close (minus JG going rouge last season). If it was up to me I would take the Alabama game off the schedule but it'll never be that way EVER. I'm assuming if you live on the Tennessee/Alabama border then this game means a lot to you just like any other border battle. Truly I believe Tennessee's rivals are Florida and Kentucky, I think on the subject of the Crimson Tide it's a generational divide and we'll all have to agree/disagree.

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