After 4th Straight Loss, Is it Time to Jump Ship?

Twenty plus years have came and went since Kentucky’s basketball program has gotten off to this slow of a start. They would not find any solace today in Rupp Arena as they fell 64-63 to Norte Dame. This loss will be the turning point in the season, for good or for bad, I’m asking BBN to hang on for one more game. The team that came out in the final eight minutes of the game was a team that hasn’t been seen this season. That team has potential. The team who comes out and thinks because the front of their jerseys say “Kentucky” on them, that they are guaranteed a win has to leave. These kids need to buy in to Cals system, and FAST. They don’t trust each other yet, they think they have to be the guy taking the shot, and the little things don’t matter. Once those problems get fixed, then the wins will come. Until then, stay strong BBN.

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