A Tennessee Fan’s Letter to Santa

 Stockings are being hung, trees are being decorated, and you can smell the Christmas spirit in the air(or maybe that’s cookies... same thing). As a Tennessee fan, I thought I would share with you my Christmas wish list for the Vols.


Dear Santa Vol,


I feel as though I have been a very patient, understanding fan considering all I’ve have gone through.... Title Nine suits, coaches leaving overnight, coaches being fired after one year, and being champions of life with five stars hearts. After all of this, I still buy tickets, I still buy merchandise, and I still wear our orange with pride... I think I am more than deserving to be on the sports fan nice list. This year my wish list is as follows:


-       One men's basketball NCAA national championship for the 2020-2021 season


-       One competent Vols football coach


-       A packed neyland stadium, and a packed Thompson Boling Arena


-       Two top ten draft picks


-       A Pal’s in Knoxville


-       A (this depends on wish #1) Rick Barnes statue right in front of TBA


-       And finally, a PS5 (okay, that’s just a personal request.)


Thank you Santa Vol, I will make sure to leave some gator and wildcat meat behind for your reindeer. 

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