A Special Thank You, Lynn: Bowden Announces Entrance to The 2020 NFL Draft

Thank You, Lynn: Bowden Announces Entrance to The 2020 NFL Draft

Written By: Dylan Ballard

The QB/WR Lynn Bowden from Kentucky has announced that he will enter the 2020 NFL draft, forgoing his senior season at Kentucky. Bowden announces this via Twitter in a very emotional video (watch Bowden’s video below). He thanked his coaches, fans, hometown, Son, and even the offensive line and running backs. Most projections have Bowden as a second round draft pick. He also announced that he will play in the bowl in Charlotte as the Cats play in the Belk Bowl against Virginia tech.

*video from Bowden’s twitter below*


As a Kentucky fan and writer, I want to take some time to say what all Kentucky fans want to say to Lynn Bowden—THANK YOU! You have been a warrior while being here! Taking over as QB after the many injuries was something many WR’s with a draft stock on the line would do! The team had no leader at the time, no one to get behind, and seemed to have no hope. We were sitting there at 2-3 with a tough road ahead. A bad season with no bowl game could’ve meant losing all ground with recruits and made last season look like a complete fluke. So, you put the team, leadership roles, your draft stock, the program, the fans, and the season on your back and went with it! You led us to 5 out of 7 wins to finish the season (and 1 yard away from 6 out of 7 wins). You took a few games entirely in your hands, but especially one— our rival Louisville. The cards thought they were gaining ground on us and you shoved all their dreams in the ground, rushing for almost 300 yards leading us to victory! You made yourself (in only 7 games) only 280 yards from the single season record holder for most rushing yards for a QB in a season in the SEC.

There are many more reasons and amazing stats to share, but we clearly can’t list them all! It ended up working out for Lynn and the team, but it wasn’t a guarantee.  When I say it worked out, boy did it work out!

Besides Lynn’s heroic season and drive this year, Lynn has had an amazing turnaround since coming to Kentucky. If you watch Lynn’s highlights in high school he was a baller. Although Lynn was an amazing high school player, a lot of people thought the staff at Kentucky was taking a chance on Lynn as he was from a troubled area and had some rough circumstances. (Hence places like Ohio state and Michigan passing on him) I am so glad that the UK staff took the chance they did on Lynn. He has grown not only on the field but off. He’s went from being the kid always tweeting crazy stuff on Twitter to one of the best players, students, and leaders we have in the locker room!

Then, on the field, you don’t just have this season to thank Lynn for, but we also have last season where he helped lead the Cats to possibly their best season in program history. During the season last year, he had some huge games and plays like the touchdown verses Florida, the punt return at Missouri, or the games at the Citrus Bowl. Last season was not just Josh & Benny, but Lynn as well.

* Watch Lynn’s huge play against Florida in his sophomore season below*

Lastly, I don’t feel as if anyone is mad at Lynn for leaving. I hope I have done justice to the program by telling him thank you and recognizing some of his achievements at UK. Lynn will prepare to perform one last courageous act by leading the Cats to victory against Virginia Tech on Dec. 31st. I never doubted he would play and I don’t doubt that he’ll lead us to one last victory.

Go Cats and Go get ‘em to the kid from Youngstown!

*here is a video to remember him by*

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