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5 Million Dollar Man, right?

After last night’s disappointing loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks and the 17 point meltdown against Auburn, a lot of people are starting to question the 5 million dollar coach, Rick Barnes.

I’m not saying toss HC Rick Barnes out, we do have the best recruiting class in the history of the program coming in thanks to him, but some of the fan base would like nothing more than to see him gone.. Is the fan base over reacting? Most of us are still salty over the UCLA situation that happened in the summertime, but a lot are questioning every move he makes.

Twitter was on fire last week when Rick Barnes refused to call a timeout during Auburn's comeback run and then last night he chose to call a timeout on a 2-0 run. I’ll admit, that was questionable... Coach Barnes has made some questionable decisions this year all together.

Not that everything is his fault, but a lot of the problem this year is at the hand of coach Barnes and his recruiting. He mistakenly thought Jordan Bone and Grant Willams would be back this year, so he took some time off recruiting. When he realized they weren’t coming back, he had no excuse to not find a grad transfer with a scholarship open. So yet again, another questionable decision.

Players that were supposed to play big minutes and be mature contributors to the team haven't really happened (Josiah-Jordan James & Uros Plavosic), which isn't exactly Barnes's fault. But he is the coach, what’s his coaching style like with them? A pat on the head and “do better next time” won’t suffice.

I know I’m not the only one that’s tired of hearing/saying “Just wait till next year.” Regardless, I’ll support the team the remainder of the year and just wait till we get some help.

What is everyone else thinking? Is the fan base over reacting? Is Rick Barnes worth $5 million a year? How many times can we say “Just wait until next year”?

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