3 Reasons to Be Excited About Josh Heupel

By: Gary Helton

After a long and tumultuous road, the Tennessee Volunteers have announced the hiring of their new head coach.

Josh Heupel comes from UCF and has coached there for the past three seasons, accumulating a record of 28-8. While this is not the “splash” hire that Vols fans wanted, there is plenty to be excited about.

First, Heupel is known for his immaculate offense. For the last three seasons it has been one of the nation’s best and just this past season he averaged 42.1 points per game. The Vols have desperately needed a good offense, with an overwhelming number of previous seasons barely averaging 20 points per game.

While OC at Missouri, Heupel rocketed their offense up to number 8 nationally, so it’s safe to say that he knows how to put points up, which in today’s football is a necessity if you are going to compete.

Second, Heupel has the chance to hire quality coordinators. It’s been rumoured that the Vols paid around 4 million to have Heupel come to Tennessee, which is a long was off from the 6-8 million they were willing to pay. This gives Tennessee a nice budget to go and hire elite recruiters and coordinators that can be successful in the SEC.

Finally, players are excited. Look no further than Twitter to see the current rosters reactions to this hire. Player reaction is key because if they players do not accept the coach then it’s a long road ahead. This chemistry is no doubt thanks to AD Danny White’s meeting with team leaders to evaluate team needs, as well as player needs and wants.

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