3 Keys For Kentucky to Win Today.

(Twitter: D_Sqaure10) Kentucky may be coming off a big win against Mississippi State but they playing a play team that has been there kryptonite. During the Mark Stoops era Tennessee has been the weak spot on Marks resume. Today I will give you three things Kentucky must do to break the stigma.

• Kentucky must feed the run game if they want to win today. Kentucky May have the best offensive line in the SEC. They have to use it today if they want to win! Feed Chris Rodriguez and AJ Rose.

• last week Kentucky controlled the turnover margins and they want to win today they must do the same.

• Tennessees QB Jarret Gaurntano has been a Kentucky killer during his career. So today the secondary must step up and play. Kentucky has been up and down with this secondary But today they must show up.

I keep saying that I will never pick Kentucky to win this game until they do it but here I am again saying that we can win.

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