3 Breakout Players: Kentucky Wildcats

As the Wildcats 2020 campaign begins in just a little over two weeks against the Auburn Tigers, things are getting exciting. If everything goes as planned The University of Kentucky will begin year eight of the Mark Stoops era and look to string together their fifth consecutive winning record. This year, as you know by now, is a very different one and probably the most challenging that the Wildcats, or anyone in the SEC, have faced in a quite some time—with playing an SEC only schedule.  Most betting sites have set Kentucky’s over/under at 6.5 wins, a line that is pretty grueling in a ten game, conference only schedule, but I love the cats team this year so I would take the over seven days a week and twice on Sunday. But for this Kentucky team to get there, they will need some big playmakers. Here are three players I am excited to see in 2020:

Terry Wilson, QB

I think no player on this team is more important than Terry Touchdown. 2018 saw Wilson develop his game through ups and downs in the SEC all the while leading Kentucky to a 10-3 record and a Citrus Bowl win over Penn State. 2019 looked to be the year that Kentucky and Wilson broke out on the national spotlight, but a season ending knee injury put a pause on that. Can Wilson develop into one of the elite quarterbacks in the SEC? I think with his mobility, the progression he made from the end of 2018/early 2019 the answer is yes. Wilson makes the offense exciting because he can hurt defenses in so many ways. With Josh Ali, Isaiah Epps, Bryce Oliver, and Keaton Upshaw returning for the team and four-star freshman Kalil Branham entering the receiving core, we could see some big plays through the air this season.

Jamin Davis, MLB

Davis served as a backup for Kash Daniels and DeAndre Square the past two seasons, and now has earned the starting job at middle linebacker. In 2019, Davis compiled 32 tackles and one tackle for loss, but could be the teams leading tackler in 2020. Look for Davis to make a name for himself on this Kentucky defense and help the team make a run at the SEC-East.

Kavosiey Smoke, RB

Kentucky has an absolutely loaded backfield in 2020 and a three headed monster that is AJ Rose, Chris Rodriguez Jr., and Smoke. The three RB’s rushed for just under 2,000 yards last season at 1,975 and could hit these numbers again this season. Smoke is a player to watch for the same reason Benny Snell Jr. was in his time at Kentucky: he is a power back with tons of speed that does not shy away from contact, and he has the personality to match. With 2019 being a good freshman year, look for 2020 to produce Kavosiey, the star, Smoke into the national headlines more than a few times.

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